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The Forest v0.30
Название: The Forest
Жанр: Экшены, Приключенческие игры, Ранний доступ, Инди, Симуляторы
Разработчик: Endnight Games Ltd
Издатель: Endnight Games Ltd

Тип издания: Steam Early Access
Версия: 0.29b
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Таблетка: Не требуется

Главный герой игры остается в живых после крушения самолета на необитаемом острове. Основная задача - выжить: рубите деревья, чтобы построить себе убежище, охотьтесь на диких животных или ищите и садите плоды, чтобы не умереть с голоду, а также не забывайте поддерживать очаг, чтобы не замерзнуть. С наступлением ночи все меняется: на охоту выходят мутанты-каннибалы. Вам придется дать им отпор с помощью подручных средств - палок и камней, использовать хитрости, чтобы скрыться с их глаз: намажьтесь грязью или сделайте себе камуфляж, либо просто расставить различные ловушки вокруг своей базы и запереться в убежище до утра.

Минимальные системные требования:
Операционная система: Windows 7
Процессор: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
Оперативная память: 4 ГБ
Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
DirectX: 9.0
Свободное место на жестком диске: 5 ГБ
Звуковая карта: совместимая с DirectX

Список изменений:

(Multiplayer) New item: Metal Tin Tray ! Store up to 6 different items in any amount in it using the crafting mat then equip it to share almost everything (Cloth, Skull, Flare and explosives are currently blacklisted)
(Multiplayer) Improved performance for host when clients are far away
(Multiplayer) Fixed cliff climbing not working properly when both host and client are holding climbing axe
(Multiplayer) Revamped gather body workflow after dying. Dead body has been replaced by a backpack. Backpack now has all items you lost on it.
(Multiplayer) Steal item trigger now requires player to hold the Take button for 0.5s
(Multiplayer) Lowered kill delay of downed player from 3s to 0.5s
(Multiplayer) Doubled bone pickup auto destruct delay
(Multiplayer)Fixed enter cave animation not playing for other players
Male and female bodies can now be burned by being dropped on a burning fire, after burning with provide 4 bones and 1 skull
Lowered weapon fire light intensity
New building: wall weapon rack decoration !
New building: bone fence ! Twice as strong as the stick fence
New building: bone basket ! Stores up to 86 bones
New art added: Frozen body in snow
Small camp with frozen body and orange tents added to snow area
Fixed removing waterskin from crafting mat
Improved look of subsurface on enemy creatures
(Balance) Halved amount of meat turtles provide
(Balance) Standing fires now drain faster/need to be re-lit more often
Fixed missing collision on plastic panels inside shipping containers
Passenger manifest is now retrievable from plane in save games if it was not retrieved previously
Fixed missing home icon on leaf shelter
Leaf shelter now collapses after sleeping in it, making it a one time use only
Fixed an issue when having both a XInput gamepad and a Steam Controller connected
Temp crow art replaced with new crow bird model
(Audio) Redesigned pale mutant screams to stand out more
(Audio) Removed some abruptly ending crow samples and added better fading to others
(Audio) Added snow footsteps
(Audio) Improved standing fire SFX
(Audio) Fixed stalagmites sounding like wood when hit
(Audio) Tent Flaps added
(Audio) Idle breaths added to cowman
(Audio) Added burn SFX to armsy and cowman
(Audio) Added die SFX to cowman and babies
(Audio) small tin trays now make sound when collided with
Collision added to cave door pedestal
Better vertex colours for plants, 10,11 and 13
More turtles added to beaches and islands around the world
Dynamic damage added to skin shader!
Linked creepy mutants to new dynamic damage skin shader to give clearer idea how much damage they have taken
(Balance) Balanced stealth so hiding is more effective
(Balance) Lowered range that enemies can hear falling trees
Vertex Painted Tents so they flap in the wind
Switched laptop color to grey to make them easier to see
Fixed missing underside of large cabin floor (visible when it was built high up on foundation)
(Performance) LOD added for large log cabin,small hunting shelter and gazebo
Fix for bush 08 exploding when cut
Fixed plane crash going through water and terrain at some points
Fixed chocolate bars not spawning properly from dead bodies
Increased length of player stealth bar
(balance)Updated enemy layout in cave 10 & cave 1
Added mud back in game – spawns after rain on dirt terrain only – use mud to decrease your visibility to enemies, improve stealth
Animals climbing on a tree will fall down now if the tree is cut down
Trip wire traps are now fully removed when triggered in SP
Passenger manifest and plane axe are no longer available in hull when already owned
Bare maples added to snow area
Snow area tree density balanced
New snowy grass textures added for snow area
Wind now grows stronger while up in mountains
New textures for bush 08 and plant 17
Brighter snow texture on snow trees
Bare blueberry bush added to snow area, replacing regular blueberry bush in snow
Player can no longer chop up bodies with blunt type weapons
Fixed bug where player being hit by swinging rock trap whilst holding log sled could break game
New yacht model with access to the inside
Snow versions of Bush 02,03 08
Increased fog visibility and exposure compensation while in snow area
New billboards added for snow area
Loading screen is now seamless between title screen and in game
Fixed background mountain lods not matching
Added condition to complete the explore cave 2 task from todo list (the task triggered after hanging scene)
Player must now be almost fully submerged to get cleaned up/stop fire in water
Balanced tree cut down counting in strength formula, it is now easier to gain strength while doing frequent exercising (good nutrition condition still applies) but exercising a lot one day then not doesn’t increase strength for a long time
Underfeeding is now based on time spent below 50% fullness
If player has been underfed and eats he cannot get overeating points regardless of time with previous meal
Clean up of some eye level stalactites in Cave 6
Replaced old white tents with flap in wind versions
Fixed an issue with stippling not resetting properly
Fixed food sometimes ending up with "none” status
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