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Pro Gamer Manager [v0.172u2] [ENG] (2015)
Год выпуска: 2015
Жанр: Казуальные игры, Инди, Симуляторы
Разработчик: Millenway Studios
Платформа: PC
Язык интерфейса: английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется

Системные требования:
OS: Windows XP, Vista or 7
Processor: 1.2 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX® 9 Compatible Graphics Card
DirectX: Version 9.0a
Hard Drive: 1 GB available space

13.03.2016: Игра пропатчена до версии 0.172u2

ProGamerManager - занятная игрушка, в которой Вам предлагается создать команду геймеров-любителей и постараться довести ее до вершин киберспорта. Также Вам предстоит заниматься финансовыми вопросами, искать инвестеров и спонсоров, подбирать учебные программы и персонал, а также искать лучших из лучших среди игроков. Начните с побед в любительских лигах и попытайтесь пробиться в профессиональную лигу, где можно заработать крупную сумму.

Список изменений в версии 0.172u2:
New Feature* Choose between FOBA or FPS in "Career Mode"
New Feature* Players champion picks can now be banned in FOBA draft
New Feature* New houses has been added and can be purchased in "Career Mode"
Choose Mentality, Combat, Economy and Tactical focus settings for FPS matches
Total goldscore added to postgame screen for FOBA in "Career Mode"
Overall rating and impact values added to postgame screen for FOBA in "Career Mode"
Each speciality upgrade now shows the best base stat category combinations
CPU draft AI has been improved to adapt better to FOBA meta changes
Speciality impact on performance outcome in match simulation has been balanced
Certain champion combinations that was too strong has been balanced in FOBA match
Additional rooms added to Gaminghouse in "Manager Mode"
Improved quality on textures in both gamemodes
24 minor reported bugs has been fixed

Player customization
Choose Gender/Name/Hairstyle/Clothes/Headset/Personality/Nationality/House
Team customization
Choose Teamname/Teamlogo/Teamshirt/Nationality/Gaminghouse/
16 secret features and huge gameplay changes - we will reveal these suprise additions soon.
Choose early to play a FPS game or FOBA
Intelligent A.I storyteller for drama/comedy elements with character dialogue at new locations
Room/House customization in a separate House Upgrade UI
Apply for several different kind of jobs to support your gaming
Streaming has levels, perks and talents. Become better and gain popularity as a streamer.
Career Mode with contract salary, player agent, team application central.
Improved FOBA ranking that affects level of contract offers from FOBA teams.
Buymenu for energy drinks and snacks to give boosts/buffs and restore energy
Description of each player stat and how it affects the FOBA matches
Description of each Specialitys impact for each role.
Access detailed info about each Champions kit and synergy combos.
Improved Pick Phase
choose any champion outside your comfortpicks
FOBA ranking high enough gives player permission to Ban champions in Soloqueue
Advanced randomized Meta System that changes the way you play FOBA every month
Choices to analyze popular Champion Combinations/Counterpicks for current Meta
Better info and feedback about FOBA patches and current Meta changes
Tierlist ranking Champions S+ to D - Strongest champions to weakest for current patch
"FOBApedia" with detailed information about every Champion - 4 abilitys and background lore.
Improved research for your comfortpick champions to show strenghts / weaknesses
Advanced FOBA simulator with champions moving around on the FOBA map in realtime
Buff camp mobs, minions and towers visible on the map in realtime
K/D/A and Gold per minute for all champions participating in a match
Ingame Calendar
Interactivity with team members, sponsors, media, other teams with dialogue
Choose team logo and design your pro-shirt, allow sponsorship logo on Team-shirt.
Streaming in gaminghouse
Better tech upgrades for more ways to earn revenue for team
New Upgrade trees for organisation to provide more freedom and strategy
Bench yourself - retire as player to become staff/coach
Show current world ranking for teammembers
Scout opposing teams tactics - get reports about their tactics/champion combinations
New improved Pick phase - choose what champion each teammember should pick
Choose what champions to ban in Pick Phase to counter enemy teams pickphase
Team analyze UI to show previous opponents tactics to improve until next match
Advanced tactical knowledge UI with settings and in-depth features.
Practice several Teamfights tactics tied to current Meta strategy
Practice specific Champion or Champion duos for each teammember
Detailed team information and stats
Scrimming/practice matches - schedule your pre-season in the in-game calendar
Detailed teammember profiles showing more stats
Rename your teammembers
More spots for players on your team, playerbench for reserves.
Active coaching mode, make adjustments to tactics during practice matches
Browse other team squads in your league
Practice options and progression tracking
Advanced sponsorship proposals
Finance/Budget detailed information
Better Staff system - Pick your staff/ Fire current staff/ Negoiate new contracts
Send players on training bootcamps
Rivals - Rival teams create drama in News
Transfermarket Pro & Amateur FOBA players
Transfer-rumours Foba Pro League only
Free agents - Pro & Amateur FOBA players
Advanced player database with searchable data
Player History & Statistics
League statistics / K/D/A / gold per minute
Improved contract negotiations for teammembers
MVP nominations for each role featuring 8 Trophy Awards.
Reserveteam – recruit a secondary team to progress with for your upcoming talents
Apply for tournaments and LAN events
Host/Organize tournaments
Worldranking for specific champions, what player has the best K/D/A on a specific champion
FOBA TV studio - get interviewed after matches and choose your answers
Cinematics for prizeceremony awards
Fully working itemsystem with the itembuildplanner for different metasettings
Steam Achievements
Steam Trading Cards
Game difficulty choices Easy/ Normal/ Hard
Options menu with graphic/sound settings
Multiple savegame slots / Autosave
Translation to Spanish, French, German and Russian.
8 players each server
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