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The Long Dark [v 280] [ENG / RUS] (2015) | RePack от Salat-Production
• Год выхода: 2014
• Жанр: Adventure, 3D, Indie, Simulator
• Разработчик: Hinterland Studio Inc.
• Издатель: Hinterland Studio Inc.
• Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский, Немецкий
• Язык озвучки: Английский
• Лекарство: Вшита

■ [М] Системные требования:
√ ОС: Windows XP
√ Процессор: Dual-Core Intel i5 CPU @ 2GHz+
√ Оперативка: 4 GB
√ Видеокарта: Intel 4xxx Серии w/ 512MB VRAM или больше
√ Жесткий диск: 1 ГБ свободного места

■ [Р] Системные требования:
✔ ОС: Windows 7
✔ Процессор: Intel i7 CPU @ 2.6GHz или лучше
✔ Оперативка: 8 GB
✔ Видеокарта: nVidia GTX 555 w/ 1GB VRAM или больше
✔ Жесткий диск: 1 ГБ свободного места

▪ 19.10.2015: Игра обновлена до версии 280

☛ Описание:
» The Long Dark - хардкорный симулятор выживания в бескрайних лесах Северной Канады!
» Вы будете играть за пилота по имени Вил Маккензи, самолет которого потерпел крушение после мистического геомагнитного шторма.
» Главной вашей задачей будет выжить как можно дольше, чтобы выяснить что же произошло с миром и как он изменился? Исследуйте местность, собирайте ресурсы и изучайте окружающий мир. Также, вам предстоит принимать различные нравственные решения, которые будут влиять на развитие сюжета, игровой процесс и дальнейшую судьбу человечества в целом.
» Представьте, что огни погасли навсегда. Яркое северное сияние залило небо, и весь технологический прогресс человечества моментально обратился вспять, в некоем безмолвном апокалипсисе. Всё, что защищало человека от сил Матушки Природы теперь отнято у нас (попутно опустив человечество на несколько звеньев в пищевой цепочке). Воды и еды мало. Дороги небезопасны. А зима приближается.

■ Особенности Rепака:
► Ничего не вырезано / Не перекодировано
► Версия игры: Alpha 280
► За основу взята лицензия из Steam
► Автор RePack'a: Salat-Production

■ Список изменений в версии v 0.280:

* Outdoor load times have been reduced by about 30%.
* The moon now glows.
* The starfield is now projected on a sphere, and moves as night progresses.
* Fixed an issue with terrain grass disappearing if the user looked directly down.
* Reduced size of Rabbit Pelt gear item.
* General clean-up of Gear item positions in Inspect mode.
* Lighthouse - fixed floating clipboard after shelf breakdown
* Fixed placed arrows sometimes falling through the world.
* Fixed intermittent audio pauses/gaps [Xbox One]


* Fixed issue where Rifle would occasionally be lost during a Struggle.
* Fixed issue with being able to instantly catch Rabbits in a Snare.
* Fixed intermittent issue with not being able to pick up used Snares.
* Fixed issue where broken arrows sometimes had higher Condition than when they were whole.
* Tuned wildlife respawn times in Mystery Lake, to bring them more inline with other regions.
* Chain-link fences no longer provide shelter from wind.
* Fixed issue where very small amounts of water could disappear from inventory when dropping water bottles.
* Added slight illumination to items in Inspection mode, to make them visible even when in low-light conditions.
* Made deer corpses in Desolation Point cave start unfrozen, and made corpses thaw when inside caves.
* Slightly increased spawn chance for Feathers.
* Added a small chance that Arrowheads may spawn in Cash Registers or Tool Chests.
* When Breaking Down an item, the spawned Raw Materials are now placed based on the interaction point and not the original object's centre point.


* Fixed issue where vehicle colours would reset between loads.
* Fixed issues with game failing to save, or failing to load old saves [Xbox One]


* Updated Can Opening UI to use the cover-flow style, to make it more consistent with other selection UIs.
* Fixed missing icon on popup when harvesting Old Man's Beard and Cattails.
* Fixed "Feed Fire" button placement so players are less likely to accidentally take a Torch from an active fire.
* Exiting the Repair or Tool Selection menus will now return you to the Harvest/Repair screens, rather than exiting.
* The UI now displays how much Kerosene gets used up when selected as an Accelerant during Firestarting.
* Non-stackable Firestarting tools (ex. Firestriker) now show their Condition value, vs. simply saying "None", in the Firestarting UI.
* You can no longer modify the amount to be harvested while the harvesting action is in progress.
* Made some improvements to how we handle auto-repeat actions (ex. holding down a key or controller stick), which should help avoid accidental repetitions.
* Added the Time of Day information to the Rest and Ice-Fishing UI, to make it easier to plan out how long you want to Rest or Fish for.
* Added fire duration widget while time is accelerated when using fire.
* Fixed sort/filter icons not appearing on container screen [Xbox One].
* Added lantern and torch icons to equip popup.
* Fixed issue where "Rest Remaining" on first aid could round down to zero.
* Fixed issue where HUD condition icons were partially covered during time accelerated actions.
* Fixed issue with Inventory selection when dropping items from a stack while sorting by weight.
* Fixed issue where mouse cursor would reset to centre after using a first aid item.
* Fixed issue with Rifle not rotating around its centre-point in Inspection mode.
* Fixed issue where scrolling audio wouldn't always play correctly, when scrolling through menu items.
* Torch Condition now visible from the Firestarting screen.
* Fixed issue with very short Repair actions not showing a progress bar.
* Fixed issue where smashing open a can from Feed Fire screen would return to Fuel tab, also added (Opened) tag to cans on Feed Fire screen.
* Fixed fuel display on Inventory screen and Refuel screen.
* Added gear pop-up for cooked or heated food items.
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